About us


At Canapé s.r.o. we‘ve been creating interior design and furnishing in industrial style since 2012. The concept arose from our initial enthusiasm in sourcing interesting industrial retro components, which we could visualize as interestingly used in an interior.


Industrial style originally emerged when various industrial objects transformed their functionality, gradually finding its place within the designs of flats and houses, restaurants and bistros, but also office spaces. With a bit of fantasy and experience, it can be created anywhere. It is characterized by a combination of exposed raw materials (unpolished walls, metal constructions, industrial components) with modern objects. Predominantly, it showcases metal, raw wood and, of course, exposed brick.


At Canapé we design industrial interiors made to measure – we listen to what our clients dream about, how they wish to utilise their interior and what effect it should have. We carefully design interior arrangement, movables, and especially original accessories, for which we have a great passion. In fact, out of our love of materials, we design most of them by ourselves. The industrial furniture and accessories which we’ve picked for you are offered also in our e-shop.

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